Image Credit: Jonny Fuzz – Hastings & St. Leonards On-Sea Photography

St Leonards-on-Sea: A Kaleidoscope of Events and Festivities

1. St Leonards Festival:
Arguably the town’s flagship event, the St Leonards Festival is a summer highlight. This annual celebration sees the streets come alive with music, dance, and theatrical performances. Local artisans display their crafts, and food stalls offer a taste of the region’s best. It’s a celebration of the town’s culture, diversity, and community spirit.

2. Coastal Currents Arts Festival:
It should come as no surprise we are big art lovers! While this festival spans several locations across Hastings and St Leonards, the latter plays a crucial role in hosting numerous events. Every September, artists open their studios to the public, offering a unique insight into their creative processes. Exhibitions, installations, and performances pepper the town, making it a hotspot for art enthusiasts.

3. St Leonards Frost Fair:
Welcoming the winter season, the Frost Fair is a delightful array of craft stalls, local produce, live music, and seasonal activities. Set against the backdrop of the twinkling festive lights, it’s a perfect place to find unique gifts for friends or family and soak in the holiday spirit.

4. Film Festivals:
Given St Leonards’ evolving arts scene, it’s no surprise that it hosts a range of film events. From independent screenings to themed film festivals, these events often take place in local venues and offer a mix of international cinema, documentary features, and local productions.

5. Beach Concerts:
Making the most of its seaside location, St Leonards often hosts beachside concerts during the warmer months. Local bands, choirs, and artists perform against the lapping waves’ backdrop, making for an enchanting musical experience.

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6. Vintage and Makers’ Markets:
The bohemian spirit of St Leonards shines through its regular vintage markets. Local vendors set up stalls, selling everything from retro clothing and antiques to handcrafted jewellery and art. These markets are not just shopping events but a celebration of creativity and nostalgia.

7. Garden Festivals:
With its Victorian heritage, St Leonards boasts numerous gardens and green spaces. Various events and festivals throughout the year celebrate gardening, sustainability, and outdoor living. From plant swaps to gardening workshops, these events are a treat for green thumbs.

8. Seaside Yoga and Wellness Events:
The tranquillity of the seaside makes St Leonards an ideal spot for wellness events. Throughout the year, one can find yoga sessions, meditation workshops, and holistic wellness retreats taking place along the coast or in the town’s serene spots.

9. Marine Conservation Events:
Being a coastal town, St Leonards is conscious of its marine environment. Several events, including beach clean-ups, marine life workshops, and awareness campaigns, aim at preserving the beautiful coastline and its marine inhabitants.

10. Historical Walks and Talks:
Dive deep into the history of this Victorian town with guided walks and talks. Local historians and enthusiasts lead these sessions, unraveling the town’s architectural wonders, its founder James Burton’s vision, and the evolution of St Leonards over the decades.